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Vineyard Background - History
Timeline of the Vineyard Movement.


1964-1970 John estimates that he and Carol led hundreds to Christ. John becomes co-pastor of the Quaker church. Carol is an elder

1974 Wimber offered a job by Peter Wagner to help establish the Charles E. Fuller Institute of Evangelism and Church Growth

1974 Kenn and Joanie Gulliksen move to Los Angeles from Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, to plant a church that they will eventually name the Vineyard.

October 1976 Carol and some of the leaders of the Quaker church start a home meeting. Bob Fulton facilitates and Carl Tuttle leads worship because he's the only person who can play guitar. The meeting grows from 12 to 50 in a few weeks.

April 1977 The group has grown to 100 and John has become the leader.

In 1977 the Vineyard, started by the Gulliksens, had gone through several different locations, produced two additional church plants and was in Westwood being attended by a budding young musician/songwriter named Keith Green, who received Christ at Kenn's Bible Study.

Mother's Day, May 8, 1977 Wimber's group becomes the Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda with 150 in attendance. John is designated pastor and continues his work with Fuller Evangelistic Association.

March 1978 After ten months of preaching and praying without anyone healed, Wimber and team see their first healing.

1979 John Wimber and Kenn Gulliksen meet.

Fall 1979 Todd and Debbie Hunter are the first church planters sent out from Wimber's church. They plant a church in Wheeling, West Virginia.

On Mother's Day 1980 Lonnie Frisbee was speaking at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda and said, "Come, Holy Spirit."

January 1982 The first MC510 course held at Fuller Seminary called Signs Wonders and Church Growth taught by John Wimber.

April 1982 Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda becomes a Vineyard.

May 1982 Wimber becomes head of Vineyard movement.

May 1983 Vineyard Ministries International (VMI) is born.

May 1984 First Fruits Magazine the first Vineyard Magazine begins.

June 1984 MC510, a class on the supernatural started at Fuller Seminary in January 1982, goes public. It soon goes out worldwide.

October/November 1984 John and team go to England. Hundreds of churches are touched by their ministry.

1985 Mercy Records was formed along with Mercy Media.

1985 The Association of Vineyard Churches (AVC) was incorporated.

1986 Inner healing emphasis at Anaheim Vineyard.

1986 The Vineyard grows to 200 churches.

1987 Equipping the Saints replaces First Fruits magazine.

1988-1992 The prophetic period in the Vineyard.

January 1994 The "Toronto Blessing" period of the Vineyard begins.

January 1995 John Wimber installs Carl Tuttle as Senior Pastor of VCF Anaheim.

Spring 1997 Voice of the Vineyard (VOV) magazine replaces Equipping the Saints.

July 1997 Todd Hunter becomes Acting National Director of AVC-USA.

November 17, 1997 John Wimber dies from massive brain hemorrhage.

April 1998 The Columbus Accord calls for a reconstruction of the Association of Vineyard Churches, USA.

May 2000 Todd Hunter resigns as National Director of AVC-USA to pursue church planting.

September 2000 Berten Waggoner appointed as National Director of AVC-USA.

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